City of Carson

Regular City Council Meeting

January 14, 2008

Present: Weuve, Damgaard, Pracht, Hendricks, Riddle

Mayor Taylor called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Hendricks made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Pracht – 5 ayes.

Public were present. Members of the Carson Business Club presented a $750 check to the City to be earmarked for Christmas Light Improvement Project. Sue Miller of the Business Club stated they would like to see a formal proposal for Christmas Light project and to see the City seek additional funding from Iowa West Foundation. A list of Business Club Events were then announced to the Council: 2/10/08 Matinee Presentation of the Wilma Laughlin Candid Camera Show at the Theatre, on 2/22/08 & 2/23/08 Wilma Laughlin Production “Who's Line is it Anyway?” Dinner Theatre $20/ticket, on 4/5/08 Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, on 6/28/08 Carson Jubilee Celebration, and on 3/22/08 Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the City Park.

Andy Taylor of the Carson Fire Department was present to discuss the ambulance defibulator upgrades as well as proposed maintenance schedule items for the department's vehicles. Hendricks made a motion to approve the cost of the 2 upgrades to the Defibulator to be expended from the ambulance defibulator budget line item (O2 Sensor & CO2 Sensor Upgrades cost of $6,362.50), seconded by Pracht – 5 ayes. Carson 's annual Health Day will be on March 29, 2008 at the Community Center.

Maintenance Reports were given regarding water leaks in town, new meters installed at the water plant, well output and maintenance needs, leak at the WWTP, new mower research, and change out of many of the old style of meters in town.

No changes were made to the 08/09 Budget Proposal, Clerk Duede stated that we are still waiting on the valuations from the County Auditors office and therefore future property tax revenue information was not available. Hendricks made a motion to set date for the 08/09 Budget Hearing for March 3, 2008 at 7:30 PM, seconded by Damgaard – 5 ayes.

Riddle made a motion to request that Broadway Photography would submit evidence of cost for the carpet cleaning, seconded by Hendricks – 5 ayes.

Hendricks made a motion to approve the spring weed spraying proposal from Struyk at the Carson Cemetery $648 and to do so once per year depending on budget availability, seconded by Pracht – 5 ayes.

Damgaard made a motion to approve Pay Request #3 Sub final pay request from Mains ‘n More – Tibbles Water/Sewer Phase II Installation, seconded by Hendricks – 5 ayes.

Mayor Taylor appointed City Council Member Riddle as the City's Pottawattamie County 911 Communications Commissioner.

Lori Holste and Donna Peters (WIDA), Cindy Thompson and John Fenner (Pottawattamie County Conservation) were present to discuss the Iowa Water Trails (Nishna Botna River Access) Project and request a letter of support. Hendricks made a motion to support the project and to submit a letter of support from the City, seconded by Weuve – 5 ayes.

Hendricks made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Pracht – 5 ayes. The consent agenda consisted of December 10, 07 Minutes, January Bills, Utility Report, Approved Building Permit, Overtime Report, Sheriff's Report, Community Center Report, Clerk & Treasurer Reports, and Country Store Beer Permit Renewal.

Commissioner Reports: Hendricks stated that the Park Board elected new officers.

Damgaard made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:16 PM, seconded by Hendricks – 5 ayes.

ATTEST: Brianne Duede, City Clerk
Lyndon K. Taylor, Mayor

City of Carson December Revenues: General Fund $6,390.23; Road Use $4,855.55; TIF Fund $7,829.19; FEMA Grants $1,031.66; Employee Benefit Levy $141.48; Debt Service $7,403.85; Capital Proj - Community Center $975.00; Capital Proj.-Rodeo Drive $14,948.39; Water $7,084.95; Sewer $8,724.16; Garbage $4,830.26. Total Revenue $64,214.72.

City of Carson December Expenses: General $18,792.48; Road Use $6,276.02; TIF $19,668.06; Employee Benefit $510.95; Capital Proj – Community Center $215.88; Capital Proj – Lewis/Lariviere Subdiv. $403.07; Capital Proj – Tibbles Subdiv $110,491.37; Water $8,414.85; Sewer $6,076.61; Garbage $3,891.65. Total Expenses $174,740.94.