City of Carson

Regular City Council Meeting

February 11, 2008


Mayor Taylor called the Regular City Council Meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Present: Pracht, Weuve, Hendricks, Riddle Absent: Damgaard

Pracht made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Weuve 4 ayes.

Public was present. Cole Potter, Council Member Pracht's Grandson presented the Council, Mayor, Maintenance Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer with Name Plates and Holders that he had made. Thank you Cole for your generous donation!

Maintenance Reports were given regarding well #4, #5, & #7 inspections and rehab plan of action, the Tibbles Lift Station still needs repaired by Pierce's, ongoing operation issues at the WWTP, and DNR Inspection Report for Water System. Council reviewed a letter of requests from Wayne Turner, no Council action was taken.

Hendricks made a motion to approve the Final Pay Request from Mains N More for Tibbles Subdivision Water and Sewer $8,252.98, seconded by Weuve 4 ayes.

The City Clerk presented the Council with the City's debt capacity spreadsheets and recommended that the City does not do any bonding for projects during FY 2008/2009. The City Clerk stated the City needs to retain 25% of it's bonding capacity for any unforeseen emergency's that may arise. City Clerk provided the Council with a highly estimated forecast of what the bonding capabilities of the City may be for FY 2009/2010. The Clerk stated that the forecasted bonding capabilities for FY 2009/2010 may not be a strong figure to rely on as they were calculated on an 11% increase in valuations, and the economy is certainly a factor that the City has no control over. The City Clerk stated that it would be more feasible to bond projects during FY 2010/2011. The City Clerk reminded the City Council that they need to consider the developer agreement requirements that the City has with the Lewis/Lariviere Subdivision Developers, as well as the City's water infrastructure improvements (well & water plant) that need to be addressed before the City commits itself to any additional conditions pertaining to the paving of the Tibbles Subdivision. The Tibbles Subdivision Developer Agreement did not require the City to provide for paving of the streets in the Subdivision.

Pracht made a motion to direct the City Clerk to prepare a draft letter to Carroll Tibbles and the Council will table the Tibbles Subdivision Paving issue until the next Council meeting and will review the Clerk's draft letter at that time, seconded by Hendricks 4 ayes.

Hendricks made a motion to approve Codification Option #2 (Readopt City Code and remove the date of the code altogether by form of ordinance, Cost with Iowa Codification $500.00), seconded by Pracht 4 ayes.

Hendricks made a motion to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Pracht 4 ayes. The consent agenda consisted of the January 14 th and February 4 th Council Meeting Minutes, February Bills, Utility Report, Overtime Report, Municipal Infraction Report, Community Center Reports, City Clerk/Treasurer Reports, Sheriffs Report (Dec & Jan), Fire Department Report.

Commissioner Reports: Riddle discussed drainage issues along South Locust and maintenance of drainage grates.

Hendricks made a motion to adjourn at 8:18 PM, seconded by Pracht 4 ayes.

ATTEST: Brianne Duede, City Clerk

Lyndon K. Taylor, Mayor

City of Carson January 2008 Revenues: General $17,407.07; Road Use $6,272.18; TIF Revenue $25,337.05; Employee Benefit Levy $30.04; Debt Service Levy $582.92; Community Center Capital Project $613.80; Water $12,789.51; Sewer $11,824.50; Garbage $4,902.10. Total Revenues $79,759.17.

City of Carson January 2008 Expenses: General $17,006.56; Road Use $6,202.77; TIF Expense $10,243.87; Employee Benefit $510.95; Debt Service $275.00; Capital Proj.-Rodeo Drive $1,514.37; Tibbles Subdivision $21,457.69; Water $12,981.98; Sewer $7,685.93; Garbage $3,868.19. Total Expenses $81,747.31.